Spicy Queso

Homemade queso is life changing – no we’re not talking about velveeta and rotelle (although don’t get us wrong, we love that too!). We’re talking about made from scratch queso that is creamy, ooey gooey and delicious. Our secret ingredient to making our queso silky smooth? Cream Cheese! It binds the veggies and cheese together and gives the queso an awesome texture. Trust us, once you try this recipe, its going to be a regular for game days, Cinco de Mayo or just any regular night – we’re not judging!

With fresh ingredients, this definitely is a healthier option to restaurant versions, and we’re sure this will become part of your regular recipe collection too!

Tips & Tricks

  • The trick to keeping your mixture from breaking is to go low and slow, low heat and slowly mixing till fully combined – adding cheese to hot milk will cause the mixture to break
  • When serving leftovers, heat low on the stove constantly stirring – it works great for second day Mac and cheese! 

Recipe Information

  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Cook time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 6-8 servings


  • 3 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 2 cups heavy cream or whole milk
  • 1 block mild cheddar, shredded
  • 1 block Monterey jack, shredded 
  • 3 tbsp cream cheese
  • 1 tomato diced
  • 1 onion diced 
  • 2 jalapeños or serranos diced
  • 1 bell pepper 
  • Garlic powder
  • Smoked paprika
  • Old El Paso taco seasoning
  • Salt / Pepper


  1. Sauté onions, bell peppers and jalapeños in a few tbsp of oil for ~5 minutes.
  2. Add in tomatoes and continue to cook till mixture is soft ~5-7 minutes.
  3. Prepare roux in a separate pan by melting butter, adding flour slowly, and whisk until combined.
  4. Slowly add the milk or cream and whisk as you pour.
  5. Continue simmering on medium and allowing the mixture to thicken.
  6. Lower heat to low and slowly add shredded cheese, stirring to ensure the cheese is melted fully before adding more.
  7. Add cream cheese and continue to stir till combined.
  8. Add cooked veggies to the cheese sauce and keep over a low burner or in a crock pot at the warm setting until ready to serve.

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