Husband and Wife Biomedical Engineers sharing our love of food, cooking & baking!

Hi and welcome to AvoGoodMeal! We are Sneha & Karthik, husband and wife, biomedical engineers and TOTAL foodies! We’re the people that are always planning their next meal! 

Sneha: A Canadian transplant to Boston, any recipes with Maple Syrup are probably mine! I’m a management consultant and on the road 4 days a week, so I love to eat home cooked meals on the weekends. My mom and dad are both amazing cooks and I’m forever texting or calling them to ask for instructions / hacks! My favorite cuisine (other than Indian, obvi) is Mexican, and I’ve recently been re-creating some of our favorites from Taco Bell & Chipotle! I’m not a baker by any means but I recently had amazing success with bread … so sky’s the limit I guess!

Karthik: A Denver transplant to Kansas City, I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking. I grew up learning to cook and bake with my mom, and have picked up a knack for cooking delicious foods…turns out it runs in our family! I continue to hone my skills by calling her and my grandma for all their recipes, tips, and tricks! I can’t say I have a favorite cuisine to cook, but if it involves any good foods, I’m probably game to trying to make it. I’ve been working on my macaron skills for a little over a year and am exploring more baked goods like breads and cookies.

We’ve talked about sharing our love for food for years, COVID-19 gave us the extra time we needed to get our act together and get this website up and running! We currently live in Kansas City and our hope is to share easy, delicious vegetarian food but also highlight our Indian heritage with simple recipes and easy to find ingredients!